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Why do I need a chip?
Almost all manufacturers of original cartridges install a so-called reset chip for the identification of the printer model on the one hand, and for the limitation of numbers of printed pages on the other hand.

That is to say, every time you refill your cartridge, you have to replace the chip so that the printer can recognise it as a new / refilled one.

In general it is such that the cartridge is still displayed as empty and the printer does not print if you do not replace the chip. Most of the cartridges without a chip have a mechanical gadget which serves as a substitute for the chip.

Lately, more and more printer models come into the market, where the intial cartridge (comes with the printer) does not have a chip. In such cases, the refilling of such an initial cartridge is not possible since the chip cannot be retrofitted.
last updated - 2011-01-17 16:50:44

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