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toner consumption / toner saving tips
Below, you will find saving tips and general information regarding the toner consumption of laser printers:

1.The printer uses all the colors when calibrating or when you restart the printer. We, therefore, recommend you not to turn off the printer every time when you don't need to print.
2.Even when in standby modus the printer calibrating at regular intervals to check the toner status. This operations consume toner.
3.When printing monochrome, we recommend you to switch to „monochrome print“ (greyscale) in the printer settings. Otherwise, the printer automatically adds the other colors and mixes them together to get the black color.
4.Yellow toner is used for every single print in order to print the manufacturer's mark (barely visible to the naked eye). These marks are a subsequent identification according to the agreement between printer manufacturers and "secret services" worldwide.
5.In general, more toner is used when processing individual print jobs than for jobs that consist of several pages.
6.Almost all common colors are so-called secondary colors. This means that e. g. for a green print both cyan and yellow (mostly even magenta) are used in a certain mixing ratio. Accordingly, all colors are consumed.
7.The calculation of printed pages is based on 5 % coverage per A4-page. This means that once a picture or graphic with more than 5 % coverage is printed, the pages are no longer counted separately, but in percentage terms.
In practice: If you print pictures with a coverage of 10 % per sheet, the printer counts two pages per print. This information is later saved on the chip. Depending on the coverage printed, the chip calculates the remaining capacity of the cartridge.

The toner cartridge has a capacity of 1.000 pages. The first five pages are printed with a coverage of 10 %. Theoretically, the printer status should now indicate that there is a remaining capacity of only 490 prints, because it assumes that the following prints are printed with the same coverage. However, this data is calculated and updated regularly. Unfortunately, this calculation is only correct in theory. As these updates are made at specific intervals, it is quite possible that the indicated toner status abruptly drops.
In addition to this, most cartridges dispose of a toner level sensor which determines the exact toner status and/or how many prints can be made with this quantity of toner. Each time the printer calibrates, the sensor transmits this information to the chip. The capacity calculated by the chip is thus updated and adjusted in the display.
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