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Is the warranty void if I use toner powder / remanufactured cartridges?
The warranty claim does not expire no matter if you use original or compatible printer equipment or even refill the cartridge. For example, printer manufacturer Hewlett-Packard writes explicitly in the own warranty terms: "The use of cartridges or consumables of other manufacturers or rather of refilled cartridges does not impair the service feature." Other printer manufacturers may not put it that clearly but there are no clauses that can void the warranty when using compatible cartridges. Exception: In case the printer manufacturer can clearly demonstrate that a damage was caused by non-original material, it may be legally critical. E. g. HP says: "If the printer error or damage of the device is due to the use of cartridges or consumables of other manufacturers or rather of refilled cartridges, HP will charge the service costs (labor time, material etc.) for the repair and the error recovery at the valid conditions of HP." As a sign of goodwill, however, the technicians sometimes turn a blind eye when they find non-original cartridges and abandon - presumably for reasons of time – with appropriate tests. However, make sure, that you do not handle the material careless, as carelessness – even with regard to original products – is a reason to disclaim warranty.
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